PUBG Mobile Lite servers to undergo maintenance update

PUBG Mobile Lite servers under went maintenance update

Blue hole company made PUBG game for desktop and Xbox but after the huge bloom and success. It has been quickly delivered to two of the most used mobile gaming platforms, Android and iOS.

PUBG for smart phones was developed by Tencent Games and it acquired so much popularity right there after the release.

The sensation grew so much that almost all the people from around the globe wanted to play it. But the problem was that PUBG Mobile required quite good amount of storage and processing power for handling and rendering the game at higher frames and graphics quality.

Which lowered down the enthusiasm of the people with lower end smart phones with low specifications who were unable to play the game.

For that Tencent Games came out with the solution called, “LITE” version of the game.

In the Lite the graphics quality was lowered and the play area was also restricted with a 2*2 Km Erangel map. The match making differences were also there, in one matched, only 40 players are matched.

PUBG Mobile Lite Beta Version

PUBG Corp. confirmed that the PUBG Mobile Lite Beta program will also be introduced to some new regions. In an announcement made in May indicated that the Beta Version will be launched in Brazil and Turkey.

PUBG Corp. further went on saying..
We are thrilled to announce that PUBG LITE has further expanded our services to Brazil and Turkey! The team is always trying to reflect the players’ feedback to make sure users experience better gameplay through PUBG LITE. Thank you for your support and see you in-game!

PUBG Lite was to go a 3 hour long maintenance update to patch some additional in game content and server maintenance.

There is no behind the scene leaks to state what the update will be about but we can expect bug fixes and game play improvements.

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