Pokemon Master Brings Old Players Back

Pokemon company is working on another Pokemon game in addition on sleep, which will track your sleeping time to unlock more characters and it is called Pokemon Masters.

Pokemon Masters will give you a way to fight trainers from the previous franchise.

Announcement of Pokemon Masters

The company has revealed the project at a press conference in Tokyo, where it has also announced its Home cloud service for monster trading between platforms and The Detective Pikachu the Nintendo Switch.

Idea of bringing old trainers back

The idea of bringing back familiar faces like Misty and Brock for another game came from a suggestion by Ken Sugimori of Game Freak.

To make that vision a reality, it teamed up with DeNA, the mobile game developer behind Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heros.

Pokemon Masters is set to launch for both Android and IOS devices this year.

Get ready for Pokémon Masters, a new game that allows you to battle alongside your favourite Pokémon Trainers from the main series.

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