Clash Royale Balance Update – Patch Notes

Clash Royale Balance

The latest update in Clash Royale is set for June and will mark a very important change in how the Clash Royale will continue to continue to balance changes for the cards in Clash Royale.

While Supercell is updating and adding more content like new cards, game modes and challenges in Clash Royale, its time for balances changes.

Every month you’ll see fewer cards getting balanced, but the team will instead focus on bigger changes in existing cards.

Clash Royale Balance Update

The June Balance update will be on:

  1. Barbarian Barrel
  2. Arrows
  3. Elite Barbarians
  4. Rascals

Barbarian Barrels

Damage -10%


Projectile speed +37% ( 800>1100 )

Elite Barbarians

Damage +18% Hit Speed – 13% ( 1.5 sec > 1.7 sec )


Boy Hit Speed -13% ( 1.3 sec > 1.5 sec )

This balance update is only valid till this meta, this may change in the next balance update of July.

If you want more information about Clash Royale, keep an eye on official Clash Royale social media.

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