Pekka king skin – The June 2019 – Season Challenges Skin!

The wait is finally over, here is the 2019 June Season Challenges new skin. Clashers, meet the Pekka King skin!

Pekka king skin

This Pekka King skin will be available in June season challenges which starts on June 1st 2019. Keep in mind that this is just a visual change, the stats will not change and the game remains free to play.

The Pekka King Skin

The Supercell combined the Pekka and Barbarian King together to make this amazing skin but players are confused that Pekka is female troop and Barbarian king is a male hero, so it is kind of inappropriate.

To unlock the Pekka King skin you must purchase the Gold Pass for the June season. The cost is 5 US Dollars. Then you have to complete the season challenges and collect points, once you have collected 2600 (MAX) points you will receive the Pekka King skin if you have purchased the gold pass.

This Season Challenges will reward 15 Potions, 3 Magic books ( 2 Book of Heroes and 1 Book of Building ), 1 Shovel of obstacles, 5 Runes, 10 Wall rings and 1 Hero skin.

Another little news we want to share is A small Sneak Peek of the Grand Warden with a 3D model. The Warden is not yet 3D and can’t receive skins, but soon this will change.

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