Brawl Tutorial – How to Use Gene Brawler

Welcome to the first episode of our newest Brawl Tutorial series. In this one, we are going to give a particular guide on how to use gene brawler in brawl stars.

Gene’s Basic Information

Gene is a mythic brawler who has an average amount of health and uses a magic lamp to do his attack. His Attack can do high damage to a single enemy or less damage to multiple enemies.

His super allows him to grab the enemy and drag them to the gene’s location. If you are moving backward using the super, the enemy will come at the final destination of the gene.

Attack – Smoke Blast

Gene shoots a medium-range ball dealing normal damage according to level. If it doesn’t hit any target, it splits up just like penny’s attack.

The damage is equally distributed between 6 projectiles, giving him an extra 5.34 tiles.

Super – Magic Hand

Gene shoots a long-range hand that can pass through obstacles. If it hits an enemy Brawler, it will pull the opponent to Gene and stun them for a second.

Gene’s pull is interrupted if his target gets hit by a minecart in gem grab.

Star Powers

Magic Puffs

In a circular shaped small radius around the gene, this star power allows the gene to heal all friendly brawlers around him by 200 health per second.

This does not apply to Gene himself. This area is almost equal to pam’s healing station effect.

Pat on the Back

This star power can heal his teammates by 2000 health if his magic hand passes through them and still allowing the gene to pull his enemies.

Tips to Use Gene

  1. You can extend how far your Super pulls someone by walking backward as soon as you launch your Super. It is also extended if Gene uses a LaunchPad while launching his Super.
  2. Try not to pull close range brawlers and tanks like shelly and bull as they can destroy you.
  3. Almost everyone knows not to take gene in heist as you have to destroy enemy safe before they destroy yours and gene can’t do that much damage, so hardly recommend you not to take gene in the heist.
  4. Gene can be super deadly in duo showdown if you are paired with a tank or close-range brawlers like a bull, so you can pull someone and leave it on your teammate to finish him off by close range.
  5. When a Carl uses super toward you, you can pull him to stop his spin. This can be also used to stop Darryl while he is rolling.
  6. If aiming for an enemy Brawler, be careful not to pull a pet or turret over instead.
  7. Gene can pull Pam’s healing station away to stop her from healing.
  8. You can check bushes with Gene’s attack more effectively than other Brawlers because his attack splits, so it can check multiple bushes at once.
  9. You can also use the gene to do chip damage to enemies from time to time to push them back, not letting them heal and charging your super without being hit by them.
  10. Gene’s super can be used to interrupt super of enemy brawlers just like frank and brock.
  11. Gene can pull the Siege Robot away from the base with his Super. This can give his team more time to destroy the siege bot. Gene can also pull enemy Brawlers into the range of his team’s turret when there is no siege active to have the turret quickly defeat them.
  12. Gene can wait for 2 or more people to fight and when they are low, you can grab one of them and get a free power cube in the showdown.
  13. Using Gene’s Super and good timing, you might just escape from great danger. For example, if a close-range brawler or shotgunners such as Shelly or El Primo chases you, you can quickly drag a bystander to you and the brawler chasing you will accidentally attack the dragged brawler while you run away. However, this is hard to master and must be done quickly or you can die before you can even activate your super.
  14. One really huge tip to use Gene super is making sure that you have all of your shots available, all three ammo slot reloaded so you can take them out easily.
  15. Last but not least, Take gene in gem grab for best result only

I did push my gene to 500 with his power 8 and I followed these tips to push my gene so I think these tips will help you push your gene.

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