PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 is getting Team Death Match Mode

PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 is getting Team Death Match Mode

PUBG Mobile newest update i.e. 0.13.0 is here, In which they’re adding up a new Team Death Match mode which is a little different from normal battle royale modes.

The update is live on the beta server but didn’t hit the main servers yet and Tencent Games has not mentioned a particular date that when this will be integrated into the game.

All we Know is, Players will join to make a team of four and the first team to reach 40 points will win the match. Players have to earn points by killing their opponents.

Players who are killed will be respawned at the team spawn area with the weapons they already had. It is different from War Mode because players had to parachute back in War but here players will spawn.

Players are granted a Shield for a few seconds after Respawn so that span area campers don’t kill the players.

For now there is only one map that is available in this mode called TDM: Warehouse.

Players begin the match with a weapon and will have the option to pick up more weapons of their choice at their own spawn area, just like in training mode.

There are attachments also available in the spawn area, that includes red dot sights, 4x scopes and other attachments and the weapon spawn are balanced for all teams and there is a M249 available in the middle where the players have to fight for it.

Players can actually keep a track of where the enemies are even after dying. 

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